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Susie Cadman (1875-1900)

Susie (Susan or Susana) Cadman was born April 5, 1875 in Silveyville to George and Susan Cadman. George emigrated from England in 1861 and established a blacksmith shop in Solano County and became a prominent Dixon businessman. In the 1900 census, Susie is listed at age 25 with her father and step-mother in Long Valley, Placer County, California. She died of Bright’s disease in 1900 and is buried in the Silveyville/Dixon Cemetery. According to her Dixon Tribune obituary of July 6, 1900, she joined the Presbyterian Church at an early age. She was described as “a beautiful you lady, accomplished and refined…and her Christianlike character was the admiration of all with whom she associated.” The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Strachan and “the words of comfort that that fell from his lips were beautifully spoken and appropriately dedicated to the memory of the life that had flown. The departed began life and was reared in Dixon and the tender references to the place she held in the community brought tears to the eyes of all.”


Judy Coy, San Anselmo Historical Museum