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Dated: April 1900

Made for: Reverend Andrew C. Strachan

Donor: Donna (Gilbert) Sciola

Accession Number:

Location: South County Museum, Narragansett, Rhode Island


This 16 block, signature crazy quilt was made for Andrew C. Strachan in celebration of his graduation from the San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1900. From our research, we believe it was made by a group of women from the church in Dixon, California where Rev. Strachan completed his student training. The quilt's 16 blocks range between 16 1/2-17 inches square. The quilt is 77 inches x 75 1/2 inches. The red velvet border is 5 inches wide. Each of the blocks contains a signature and/or a set of initials. A chart of the name locations and links to individual quilter pages can be easily accessed here. From this page, you can find individual pages for each block that includes a close-up of their signatures, and an image of their individual blocks (this update is ongoing). As additional quilters are identified, we will expand this list. Each block is believed to have been completed by the individuals who signed them; this is supported by the fact that the base fabrics upon which the crazy patches are applied vary. The quilt is in fragile condition, which is not surprising consider its age, type, and its travels. Several fabrics have completely disintegrated, while others are in pristine condition. Besides signatures, the quilt includes additional embroidery motifs such as a horseshoe with the words "Good Luck" included and a set of 3 interlocking circles. The quilt also incorporates hand painted flowers and a silk ribbon with the word California and the intertwined initials CE on it.

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