Left Hand Upper Corner

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Upper Right Hand Corner

Column 4

Row 1

Willda Madden
Initials: B.H.
Mildred Fischer
Initials: J.H.Hand-painted flowers

Row 2

A. & L. Duncan
Initials: M.V. 1900
Initials: E.C.
Blanche Holly Apr. 1900

Row 3

F & M Hyde
April 1900
Initials: L.R.
? Rattenbury

Monogram of Andrew C. Strachan initials
Mary R. Kirby

Row 4

Emma B. French
Susie Cadman
Mrs. E. Silvey
Initials: C.E.
Initials: A.F and L.F.

Embroidered onto each of the 16 blocks of the quilt is a signature – either a name or a set of initials. We believe the quilters were members of Andrew Strachan's Presbyterian congregation in Dixon and perhaps members of the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church, which was active at the time. Newspaper articles reveal that Rev. Strachan was associated with some of the women through the non-denominational Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor of Solano County, and he was also reported to have presided over marriage ceremonies and funerals for some of them or their family members. Presented to Rev. Strachan in April 1900 upon his graduation from San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, the quilt would be a memento of Dixon, the time he spent there and the friends he made.

Thirteen of the 16 signatures have been positively identified. Research conducted by Judy Coy of the San Anselmo Historical Museum has revealed that most of the women had deep roots in the community of Dixon and were either original pioneers themselves or daughters born into pioneer families. Their stories are typical of the many families that made the journey west to California in its early days. Many of the quilters likely have descendants still living in the area after the passing of 115 years. Several of the women were dressmakers who would have brought their sewing skills to the quilting project. Each block has been given its own page in this site. You can click on the links in the table above to be taken to the page dedicated to the individual blocks and the quilters who made and/or signed them.

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