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Mrs. Elvira Silvey (1852-1931)

Elvira Dailey was born in August 30, 1852 in Iowa to Andrew Dailey and Ursilla Gillis. She came across the plains at age three with her brother and parents. They settled in Silveyville. In 1870, she married George R. Silvey, the oldest son of Elijah Silvey for whom the town was named. In the 1900 census, Elvira is listed as a dressmaker, the mother of 7 children of which 5 were still living. She died May 6, 1931 and is buried in the Silveyville/Dixon Cemetery. She was described in her Dixon Tribune obituary as a fine woman, possessing strong motherly qualities, patient with the frailties of others and her own, bearing the crosses of life cheerfully, devoted to her relatives and true to her friends. She was for years a dedicated worker in her church...”

A photograph of Elvira Silvey can be seen at the Dixon Public Library Archives.


Judy Coy, San Anselmo Historical Museum