M.V. (Marion or Mae Vick 1867 – 1955)

The initials M.V. are those of Marion (Mae) Vick. She has been identified through her associationn with other known quilters and with Rev. Strachan. According to the Dixon Tribune of April 21, 1899, Edith attended the Solano County Convention of the Young People’s Christian Endeavor with quilters Mary Kirby and Blanche Holly. Mae was also mentioned in the Tribune on April 13, 1900, when she opened the Annual Rally of the Christian Endeavor of Solano with a song followed by the welcome address by Rev. Andrew Strachan, and again on October 19, 1900, with quilters Mary Kirby and Millie Fischer as representatives to the Christian Endeavor Convention.

Mae Vick was born in 1867 in New York. Her Danish-born mother, Carolina Fraser Vick, was widowed in San Francisco in 1873. Mae was employed as a compositor for a printing company in San Francisco before she and her mother moved to Dixon where they are listed in the 1900 census as dressmakers. Mae continued to reside in Dixon, working as a typesetter and managing a rooming house, until her death in 1955. She and her mother are buried in the Silveyville/Dixon Cemetery.


Judy Coy, San Anselmo Historical Museum