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Silvey CE Block R4C3.JPG
Row 4/Column 3

This block contains a signature--Mrs. E. Silvey, Dixon--as well as the intials CE. Mrs. Silvey has been identified. Click her name to be taken to her individual page.

To date, the CE initials have not been attributable to anyone in the Dixon/Silveyville area. The initials may stand for Christian Endeavor, the non-denominational Christian youth organization which was active in Solano County and elsewhere across the nation at the time. Rev. Andrew Strachan and quilters Mildred Fischer, Blanche Holly, Mae Vick, Lizzie Ferguson, Edyth Clawson and Mary Kirby are known to have attended county conventions and rallies of Christian Endeavor. Another block of the quilt contains a blue silk with the Christian Endeavor logo.