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Amanda Adeline Duncan (born 1846) and her younger sister Laura Victoria Duncan (born 1859) were both dressmakers.They were born in Indiana and raised in a large family of 14 children. Their father was a physician. Dr. Hiram Duncan and several of his sons and daughters came to the Dixon area in the mid-1880s. The Dixon Tribune reported on January 1, 1888 that “Miss A. Duncan has moved her dressmaking establishment from the Ligner building to the second floor of the Cadman building adjoining.” In the 1900 census, Amanda is listed in Dixon residing with two of her brothers. By 1902, both Amanda and Laura are listed in the Los Angeles Directory. They died eight days apart in January 1907 in Los Angeles. Both are buried with their father in the Silveyville/Dixon Cemetery.


Judy Coy, San Anselmo Historical Museum